Experts in Instruction and Club Fitting

Located at 4200 Lover Lane, Kalamazoo, MI, we strive to provide the highest level of instruction, club fitting and club services in Michigan. We take great pride in improving the games of all our students; beginners, juniors, high handicap, mid-level handicap, scratch golfer, and professionals. In addition to instruction, GPA offers state of the art club fitting using the Foresight GC2/HMT and Flightscope Launch Monitors. Adjacent to Milham Park Golf Club's practice tee, there is a large practice putting green, and the area's finest short game practice area.

At GPA, we offer several programs to improve your golf game including; private instruction, schools, clinics, seminars, junior golf, custom club fitting, golf team training, course management guidance, mental golf preparation, and the highly acclaimed Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness Program.

Our belief is that everyone is unique in their ability to swing a golf club. It is the ability to locate and understand their swing that can be the real challenge. We take what can be a very complex motion and make it simple and easy for the student to understand and apply. We do not try to fit everyone into a system, or mold, and do not get caught up in the latest trends. Simply put, we make you a better golfer!

If you are serious about improving your game, or are looking to get started in this wonderful game, please take a moment to browse through our pages. If you do not find what you are looking for feel free to contact us anytime, for a free no-obligation consultation.

We look forward helping you with all of your golf needs!

The Best Club Fitting Services in Southwest Michigan

This is a great time to be fit for a new set of golf clubs at GPA! Technology keeps changing and The Golf Performance Academy is keeping up with it! Statistically, ninety-two percent of golfers should not be playing "Off the Rack" clubs! The fitting process at GPA is the most comprehensive in the area and includes valuable information about your golf swing as it relates to the clubs you should be playing. Using cameras and the best indoor launch monitor in the industry, we are able to pinpoint exact specifications needed for you to play your best golf. We fit indoors so that we can see numbers with a real golf ball, not a range ball. Specifications attained by hitting range balls at a demo day are inconsistent and completely different than what you get by hitting a real golf ball. Our launch monitor is also the only one in the industry that shows exactly what the club head is doing through impact. This allows us to see key data including path, face angle, angle of attack, and lie angle. Call the studio at 269-321-6676 or book your appointment online.