Club Repair Workshop

Our Club Repair Workshop allows us to perform all necessary repairs and modifications to your clubs. We also build custom sets. We utilize the Tour Proven Mitchell Golf Equipment to analyze and bend your equipment. Our shaft frequency meter (Digiflex) measures the cycles per minute in each shaft to accurately determine what flex each shaft has. We offer custom bending of putters and irons. GPA is one of one 150 facilities nationwide that possess the SCUBA from Cleveland Golf. The SCUBA (Self Contained Universal Bending Apparatus) is a hydrolic-based mobile bending machine that will accurately bend irons to the players' correct lie and loft angles.

Other Services and Prices Per Club:

Regripping $4
Shaft Reduction $6
Shaft Extension (Steel) $12
Shaft Extension (Graphite) $14
Re-Epoxy Head $9
Shaft Extraction $7
Loft & Lie Adjustment $7
Swing Weight Adjustment $12
Spine Shaft $18
Re-Shaft $25 includes grip labor (Bore-Through Extra)

Shaft and Grip prices are extra and will vary

Cleveland SCUBA Bending Machine

Club Technician Jerry Stenstrom in Club Workshop

Mitchell Golf's Digi Flex Golf Shaft Frequency Analyzer