Clark is awesome to work with and fit me for new clubs this past summer. The process was simple yet thorough. Clark showed me how being fitted for new clubs can help my game. The technology and expertise that Clark has is the best in Southwest Michigan. I highly recommend GPA for any level of golfer!

- Clayton Bates


I am an avid golfer. About 4 years ago I felt like I was in a rut with my handicap staying around 12 all of the time. I set up a series of lessons with Clark at GPA. He worked with me in the winter time. By the time spring came around I really felt like my game was ready for a big improvement. Thanks to Clark my ball striking improved and my distance also improved. I went from a 12 to an 8 that very summer and have maintained that level of scoring since them. I had used the same irons for about 10 years. This summer I decided to explore getting new irons, so set up an appt. with Clark. The technology he used to identify my swing speed, ball speed, spin rate, attack angle and shot distance was really impressive.

After a little more than an hour we had identified the irons that best performed for me. The best thing was that he discovered my clubs needed to be 2 degrees upright, which made a huge difference by giving much more solid contact. The club fitting experience was fantastic. With the new irons I now am hitting one less club than I used to. For example instead of an 8 I now hit a 9. The new irons are also much more forgiving, which has allowed me to improve my iron play. Recently I called Clark and told him I'd like to explore getting a new driver. After using his technology and teaching techniques on me with my driver Clark suggested I don't need a new driver. He suggested I needed to cut the shaft on my driver down a bit to change the attack angle. He also showed me a little different set-up position. I didn't get a new driver, but it felt like I did. I am hitting the ball 10-15 yards farther just from that adjustment and the new set-up. I would highly recommend Clark and GPA if you are interested in improving your game.

- Rick Riggin


Clark has the ability to translate his knowledge about the game of golf and the golf swing to your golf swing. Under Clark’s teaching I went from a 20+ handicap down to the high single digits.

- Marc


Have worked with Clark and GPA the last few years primarily in the winter months. I’ve found his instruction and facility to top notch allowing me to improve my skills and overall knowledge of the game. This year I was able to lower my Index to a new level attributable completely to the training I received. Would strongly suggest you give GPA a try, my bet is you will not be disappointed.

- Mike Kosko


Last summer I met with Clark for a swing evaluation afterwards he asked if I wanted to make some adjustments or make a swing change. I chose to make a change, and over the winter we went to work. Clarks method to retrain the body so that the desired motion feels like your normal swing was not like any lesson I'd ever had, but by spring golf was fun again and a whole lot easier. I can whole heartedly recommend Clark and his ability to teach the golf swing.

- Jim Kramer


Clark was the first one to introduce me to TPI. Through his instruction and the TPI fitness, I have been able to improve my strength and flexibility while staying competitive and injury free. Clark and his team are great in tailoring instruction to your individual needs and helping you reach your goals.

- Mitch Wilson


Clark and his crew give exceptional guidance in club fitting. Always generous with their time, and careful to make sure that the tools fit the player. State of the art technology and great expertise on how to fit the club to each individual. An investment well worth making.

- Bruce Grubb


I’m a scratch player that played competitive golf in college and continue to play in amateur tournaments. I’ve worked with several instructors at the GPA for both swing instruction and club fitting. Their level of expertise and ability to elevate a player’s game to a higher level is very impressive.


Whether you’re a beginning player, trying to break 80 or aspiring to play competitive golf at the next level - I don’t believe there’s a better place to go in Southwest Michigan other than the Golf Performance Academy.

When you work with the GPA, you’ll get more than just a golf lesson . . . you’ll obtain knowledge of the game and the tools needed to achieve your goals.

- Justin Spyker


As I have taken my game more seriously over the last few years, I’ve learned about the benefit of getting fitted for clubs. The team at GPA was very accommodating as they educated me on the process and helped me select a manufacturer that best fit my game. I’m convinced enough to say I will never buy a set off the shelf again!

- Mike Kosko


I first visited Clark at the GPA location on Shaver Road several years ago for a lesson package my wife got me. I was a decent player but desired to get more consistent. There were many flaws to work on and Clark always gave me just a few thoughts and tried to simplify things for me. The video sessions were a huge key in understanding what I was doing and how to get better. It was an eye opener for sure.

Now many years later and several sessions later I have become a much more consistent player which means lower scores. Over the years I have recommended to many people that if you want to get better invest in some lessons and go see Clark. Whether its lessons or club fitting these guys make it all work. If you want to get better and have the right equipment fit for your game please go see the guys at GPA. You will see results as I have.

- Michael Fitzstephens


I first started working with Clark Peterson and Golf Performance Academy in preparation for one those 'once in a lifetime golf trips’. After my results and golfing pleasure on that trip far exceeded anything I might’ve imagined, I’ve continued to work with him on a regular basis. In my mid-fifties, I’m now playing the best golf of my life and enjoying it more than ever (which given how I love golf is really saying something!). Clark is a master teacher. He combines positive and personalized attention with cutting-edge swing training technology, so one learns not only from his individualized exercises and instruction, but thru visual and numerical feedback from training tools and innovations. I can’t recommend Clark Peterson and the Golf Performance Academy highly enough (except to those golfers who I regularly play with, as I don’t need them getting any better. ;-) ).

- Steve Feffer