Thank you for your interest in the Golf Performance Academy of Southwest Michigan. Regardless of your skill level, we will help you improve and enjoy the game more. Our primary objective is to make you a better golfer. We do that by educating our students about the game; swing mechanics, golf clubs, course management, short game, putting, etc. We have a simple, yet very effective way of communicating with each student on a personal level.

The foundation of our teaching philosophy is based on the fundamentals of the swing. If you do not have good fundamentals, or a good foundation, anything you build upon that will not support it. The fundamentals of our teaching are based on physics and physiology. Our comprehensive evaluation will determine what each student's limitations and capabilities are. Once we have a picture of what the student can and cannot do, we prescribe the training necessary to alleviate the limitations and build and efficient, repeatable golf swing. Contrary to popular opinion, golf does not have to be a game that causes sore backs, wrists or shoulder pain, etc. If you do experience pain when playing we can help you alleviate that too.

In addition to golf instruction we offer expertise club fitting. You will not be fit by an unqualified golf professional taking time away from the golf shop. Our club fitter has been trained by Cleveland Golf and Titleist. We have been conducting custom fitting for over 15 years. Our fittings last up to three hours, depending on the level of club fitting desired.