Thanks to the incredible flexibility of our Foresight GC2 Launch Monitor, we have created the golf simulation experience you’ve always wanted. The real-time analysis and unmatched accuracy of the GC2 provides a life-like golf simulation.

In GPA's Golf Simulation Studio, you’re ready to tee off into the life-like splendor of our virtual courses. Play, practice or compete in any of our 5 course library of the some of the finest championship courses in the world.

Not only will you be able to play golf on one of our championship golf courses, you can practice on our virtual driving range. The GC2 System precisely captures and analyzes ball flight at the most critical point of measurement – club impact – and delivers the most accurate values of ball velocity, launch angle, smash factor, azimuth, back spin, axis tilt and total spin available today.

  • Full course play with replays, fly-bys and in-the-hole putting
  • Practice scenarios (closest to pin, long drive)
  • Fully customizable lighting and weather conditions
  • Internet game play
  • Unlimited player profiles for saving stats and best shots
  • Club Gapping - find out how far you hit each club in your bag
  • Call for tee times or reserve for private practice session: 269.321.6676

30 Minutes             $20
1-2 Hours $35 per hour
3-5 Hours $30 per hour

Foresight Sports Simulator

Virtual Practice Tee

Club Gapping on Foresight Simulator